Monday, January 31, 2005

Yoga, strikes and loud music

It was so cute to see Lucas doing a little yoga class yesterday. We had walked up to the observation tower with Karen and our newly-arrived guest Rita Daniels (who's great fun, by the way) as they went for their late-afternoon yoga session & Lucas decided to join in for a bit.

It's so funny, Lucas seems to pick different people as his daily favorites & Karen was by far his favorite person yesterday. Because of this, he was terribly upset when we had to leave her and Rita at the observation tower to do their "proper" yoga session. He only stopped crying once I came up with the idea that we could make a nice drawing for Karen for when she got back. Seeing as he's still full of our Miami trip (especially the plane rides), she was given a page full of scribbles that were meant to be a plane. He really is starting to become a little boy now, it's so much fun to watch.

By the way, Belize is still on strike. All the schools are closed indefinatelly, a lot of public services have shut down or are running on minimal output (the electicity gets cut off a lot & water only trickles out the taps for many people) & lots shops have even shut down. Still, it's all being done in a peaceful manner and virtually the whole country supports the protests. And we are lucky, in that our water supply comes from the Banana Bank well and is not effected by anything. Thank God, being without water is just awful.

If you're thinking of coming to Belize, please don't get put off by the protests. You probably won't notice to much of it when you come here as a tourist. Most resorts will have their own power back-ups and their well water. All these protests are just something this country has to go through for a little while.

Anyway, I better go. I have the house to myself for a few hours, I better make the best of it (by playing rediculously loud music and dance around like a fool). Enjoy today!