Thursday, January 20, 2005

Belize on strike!

It is absolutely mobbed here today. Everywhere I look are children. Basically, what's going on is that almost the whole country is on strike. So there's no school, no busses, no water in many areas, no electricity in other areas, etc. It's quite a crazy situation. Check out this Belize News Link (Especially the Reporter Newspaper article), to learn more. It's all too much for me to get into.

So anyway, all the school kids seem to have decided to gather here. It's all good fun, apart from the fact that they are running around me right now and are fighting over Lucas' toys.

Lucas, by the way, has picked up an awful habit from the Mayan kids.....Chewing gum! Can you believe it? He's only two. It's virtually impossible now to stop him from getting hold of the stuff (he'll even take it right out of other children's mouths if he doesn't get his own). So I tried to come up with a way to at least stop his teeth from falling out by buying sugar free gum. But it's hard to explain to the women here that he should only get one piece (or maximum two) a day as it can work as a laxative when you eat too much. Judging by the amount of time I had to change nappies today, the message is not coming across. I'm going to have to hide the gum now and be the only person in charge of giving him any. Let's see how that goes.