Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Helping hand newsletter

Slowly easing into 2005. Feels like the engine isn't running properly yet & I'm still trying to get focused & inspired again. But then, the beginning of January always feels like that to me. It's like we're all still flirting with the thought of "getting back to normal", but our hearts aren't in it yet. Oh well....I'll just enjoy this slow start and take in the scenery.

Now, I've been doing some thinking recently about the various charity projects that I've been working on and/or have been planning to start up in 2005. And the reality of it is that the world's focus will be on the countries hit by the tsunami (as it should be) & that Belize will be way down the list of priorities for the coming year(s). Obviously, this will effect all the charity organizations here. There won't be a lot of money coming in and I've been thinking of what to do about that. I've come up with the following idea:

To start up a twice-yearly newsletter, that lists the following:

  1. Which projects the various charity organizations will be working on in the coming months & what type of help is still needed to successfully complete these projects (in the form of materials, expertise, financial support, manpower, etc.)
  2. Volunteering opportunities
  3. Where needy Belizean can turn for specific problems (i.e. which organizations can be approached for sponsorship, where to get legal aid, where report abuse cases, where to get counseling, free HIV testing places, etc. etc.)
  4. A calendar listing the visits of foreign medical teams, information days, etc.

Basically, I want to find a way to start connecting the various organizations better & find a way to do "more with less". We need to build with the bricks that we've got & help each other more, instead of looking abroad for help. And I think that the best way of doing that is through the passing on of information. Right now it's hard to figure out where to go for help or to find out what projects are being set up & what's needed for the successful completion of these projects.

What do you guys think? Sound like a good idea? I'm going to do some research today. I'll keep you posted.....