Friday, June 24, 2005

Our "blob"

Went to my gynecologist the other day & apparently I'm about 5 weeks pregnant now (told you it was early days). Anyway, the ultra-sound showed that everything is in the right place. See, my biggest fear was to have an ectopic pregnancy again. I had one last year ago and it ruptured one of my tubes, nearly killing me in the process. All rather unpleasant....(but that's another story)

So anyway, the good news is that "the blob" (that's all it is right now, not much of a baby yet) is in the right place. Will have to come back in two week for another scan to see the spine and heart developing.

Oh, funny thing....John had a scorpion stuck in his trousers yesterday. He had been bragging about never shaking out of clothes when he picks them up off the floor (John has no cupboard or shelves in his room for his clothes) & obviously he was telling the truth. By the time he had managed to pull down his pants, the scorpion had stung him 4 times! That's a record amount of stings in our household. We all know though, that a scorpion sting is no worse than a bee sting. It just sounds more sensational. Now John knows it too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Charity annoyances

Well, I seem to have been lucky with regards to the car headlights. The side that I smashed only needed a new indicator light ($95 BZ) and they bended back the bumper. We may still replace the bumper at some point, but for now I only have to spend that $95. Thank God. I thought it was going to cost me a fortune.

Well, I'm having a bit of a nightmare with regards to the kids that we sponsor through the Jaden Foundation. Apparently several have stopped going to school since they've been doing the final tests of the year. Now they have to go to summer school if they still want to pass. But I refuse the pay for their transport to and from school for that (it would cost me $200 a week for just 4 children). I mean, if they would have gone to school like everyone else they never would have had this problem. I'm also quite pissed off that no one told me before. And what about these kids' parents? Why were they just keeping their kids home? Should I be the only one who cares about their kids' education? Sometimes I just get so bloody frustrated with it all. And what about the people who have given me money to sponsor these children for next year? Should I continue to use their money on children (and families) who don't take education seriously? I tell you, doing charity work can be a bit of a headache.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Me and my big mouth!

I wish I never mentioned anything about being pregnant. Now I'm getting emails and phonecalls from all kinds of friends congratulating me and Andy. That was never what I wanted. For some stupid reason it felt nice and impersonal to blog about it. Almost like cyber space is this distant reality, far removed from "real life" and a safe place to announce something that shouldn't have been announced yet (I wouldn't have dreamed of emailing all my friends and telling them, for instance. That would have seemed too real)

Oh well, I guess all my friends know now. I just didn't think that that many of you would still be reading my blog.

The thing is, nothing was even visible yet when I had an ultra-sound last week. It's extremely early days. Apparently, the home-pregnancy test these days are so accurate, that they can detect a pregnancy after only two weeks! So there is nothing to celebrate yet. So please (to all my friends) don't congratulate us yet. That makes me way too nervous and uncomfortable.

By the way, I had a bit of a nightmare yesterday. Karen and I went to Belize City and I ended up scraping our new car past a metal pole when I reversed out of the car park. How dumb of me! I was so angry with myself. But guess what? As we stepped out of the car to assess the damage (bent bumper and the side of a head light smashed), we noticed that the other headlight had been smashed to pieces too. But that part of the car never even came near the metal post. It looked like someone had smashed it with a baseball bat. What was going on? We couldn't find the glass anywhere on the ground. We went back to all the places where we had parked that day and glass anywhere. It's a bit of a mystery. And the weird thing is that the day before Karen reversed into a metal pole too and smashed one of the lights on our other car. That makes 3 smashed car lights in two days. Now what are the chances of that? It's all rather strange. Especially that one headlight that I never even touched. What on earth happened there?

Anyway, it's going to cost me a fair bit of money getting it all fixed. I'm pretty pissed off about that. But there you go.....that's my fault for paying enough attention.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why shouldn't I tell?

Finally, two of our kittens (now going by the names of "Lucy & Yoyo") have gone home to a family with 2 little boys. So, from being harrased by a 2-year-old, they now go on to being harrased by a 3 & 5-year-old. That must be slightly more bearable for them. The one kitten that has lost out here is the white one with ginger spots, called Molly. She will be staying with us and most probably will continue to be chased around by Lucas. At least until she's big enough to no longer be of interest to him (which definatelly will happen as he shows no interest in our adult cat)

What else is new? I'm pregnant. I'm not meant to share that with anyone yet, as it's only been a few weeks. And you're meant to talk about being pregnant until you've gone through your first 3 months safely. Still, a blog is all about being honest, isn't it? And if things go wrong, I'll just write about it. I don't feel that I have anything to hide. Of course, we all hope that it goes well. It would be so lovely. And Lucas could really do with a brother or sister. Still, I had an ectopic pregnancy last summer, which ended in an emergency operation, so I know what it means for things to wrong too. Let's just hope that nothing like that will happen this time around.

By the way, Andy & his parents have taken Lucas along on a cave tubing trip this morning. Aparently he loved it! He even walked a mile and a half on the way to the cave. He's now lounging on the sofa watching a DVD that his nan bought for him. I hope he'll nod off. Andy and his parents are all having an afternoon nap. But our little dynamo is still going....

Oh, more cool news: my mum and her boyfriend Hans are finally moving in together (after having been in a relationship for 2 years). I think it's a great idea. They've been faffing around long enough now. Congratulations, you two!

Tomorrow we're off to Guatemala. We'll be spending 2 nights in Flores and visit the temples at Tikal. It will be interesting to see how the in-laws like Guatemala. And I wonder if we'll manage to find any food plain enough for Andy's dad (he only really likes potatoes and other "English types of food") Should be interesting.

Talk to you all in a few days.

Friday, June 10, 2005

One of the nice things about living in Belize is that you can hop on a short plane ride to San Pedro whenever you feel like it (15 min. flight). We decided to bring Andy's mum & dad to the island for a little 2-night break.

Having fun with the hunties! (Left to right: me, Andy, Yvon, Lucas and Terry)

On the beach at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort with the grandparents

Swimming with nan & grandad

Getting ready for snorkling with sharks & sting rays. It was great! Even though Andy's mum & dad struggled a bit with the snorkeling gear.

Last night we went to a wonderful restaurant "Rocho" on the north of San Pedro for Andy's birthday. You can only get to the restaurant by boat. Quite a cool start to the evening, really.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Glorious rain!

Yes, it's finally raining! Yehaa! We so needed this. I hope that it will rain (on & off) for the next few days, just to clear the air.

See, the weather in Belize has been quite unbearable lately (at least for someone like me who doesn't "do well" in the heat). The humidity has been building and building for days, weeks even & we were just waiting for a good old storm. This is really the hardest time of the year for me, weather-wise. But hopefully this first bit of rain is the start of rainy season. We'll see.....

By the way, our resort The Belize Jungle Dome is doing great. We are getting lots of positive press & the bookings are pouring in. We now also offer All-Inclusive Belize Scuba Diving Packages for those who want to come to Belize especifically for the diving. It looks like Andy & I will get to do some scuba diving again soon. It has been years since we've dived. But with Lucas' grandparents here we finally have baby-sitters. We will probably shoot off to the islands in the next few days, so that will be a perfect opportunity.

I think I mentioned it before, but I am only now realizing (since coming back from Europe & seeing how hard everyone seems to work there) what a fun business we have. I never fully appreciated what we had. But then, isn't that a problem we all have? Not seeing what we have....Always thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, etc. Anyway, I love what we're doing here & it's a lifestyle that's so easy to combine with parenting. I mean, how lucky is Lucas to have both his mum & his dad around all the time? How many kids get that?

Oh, by the way, I'm getting a bit worried about finding homes for the kittens. We still have 3 kitten here & that definitely is too much. They are 9 weeks now and really have to go soon. I think I better hang up some notices around town.