Friday, June 24, 2005

Our "blob"

Went to my gynecologist the other day & apparently I'm about 5 weeks pregnant now (told you it was early days). Anyway, the ultra-sound showed that everything is in the right place. See, my biggest fear was to have an ectopic pregnancy again. I had one last year ago and it ruptured one of my tubes, nearly killing me in the process. All rather unpleasant....(but that's another story)

So anyway, the good news is that "the blob" (that's all it is right now, not much of a baby yet) is in the right place. Will have to come back in two week for another scan to see the spine and heart developing.

Oh, funny thing....John had a scorpion stuck in his trousers yesterday. He had been bragging about never shaking out of clothes when he picks them up off the floor (John has no cupboard or shelves in his room for his clothes) & obviously he was telling the truth. By the time he had managed to pull down his pants, the scorpion had stung him 4 times! That's a record amount of stings in our household. We all know though, that a scorpion sting is no worse than a bee sting. It just sounds more sensational. Now John knows it too.