Sunday, June 19, 2005

Me and my big mouth!

I wish I never mentioned anything about being pregnant. Now I'm getting emails and phonecalls from all kinds of friends congratulating me and Andy. That was never what I wanted. For some stupid reason it felt nice and impersonal to blog about it. Almost like cyber space is this distant reality, far removed from "real life" and a safe place to announce something that shouldn't have been announced yet (I wouldn't have dreamed of emailing all my friends and telling them, for instance. That would have seemed too real)

Oh well, I guess all my friends know now. I just didn't think that that many of you would still be reading my blog.

The thing is, nothing was even visible yet when I had an ultra-sound last week. It's extremely early days. Apparently, the home-pregnancy test these days are so accurate, that they can detect a pregnancy after only two weeks! So there is nothing to celebrate yet. So please (to all my friends) don't congratulate us yet. That makes me way too nervous and uncomfortable.

By the way, I had a bit of a nightmare yesterday. Karen and I went to Belize City and I ended up scraping our new car past a metal pole when I reversed out of the car park. How dumb of me! I was so angry with myself. But guess what? As we stepped out of the car to assess the damage (bent bumper and the side of a head light smashed), we noticed that the other headlight had been smashed to pieces too. But that part of the car never even came near the metal post. It looked like someone had smashed it with a baseball bat. What was going on? We couldn't find the glass anywhere on the ground. We went back to all the places where we had parked that day and glass anywhere. It's a bit of a mystery. And the weird thing is that the day before Karen reversed into a metal pole too and smashed one of the lights on our other car. That makes 3 smashed car lights in two days. Now what are the chances of that? It's all rather strange. Especially that one headlight that I never even touched. What on earth happened there?

Anyway, it's going to cost me a fair bit of money getting it all fixed. I'm pretty pissed off about that. But there you go.....that's my fault for paying enough attention.