Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Charity annoyances

Well, I seem to have been lucky with regards to the car headlights. The side that I smashed only needed a new indicator light ($95 BZ) and they bended back the bumper. We may still replace the bumper at some point, but for now I only have to spend that $95. Thank God. I thought it was going to cost me a fortune.

Well, I'm having a bit of a nightmare with regards to the kids that we sponsor through the Jaden Foundation. Apparently several have stopped going to school since they've been doing the final tests of the year. Now they have to go to summer school if they still want to pass. But I refuse the pay for their transport to and from school for that (it would cost me $200 a week for just 4 children). I mean, if they would have gone to school like everyone else they never would have had this problem. I'm also quite pissed off that no one told me before. And what about these kids' parents? Why were they just keeping their kids home? Should I be the only one who cares about their kids' education? Sometimes I just get so bloody frustrated with it all. And what about the people who have given me money to sponsor these children for next year? Should I continue to use their money on children (and families) who don't take education seriously? I tell you, doing charity work can be a bit of a headache.