Monday, January 17, 2005

Beach bums

Well, I never did manage to post anything from Tulum; I was too busy being a beach bum. And what a great place that is for it. Tulum has some of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. From little enclaves in between rocks, to long stretched out white sand beaches.

We shared our little enclave with what turned out to be a nudist resort next door. Quite funny, although I wasn't too sure about this lobster-colored chubby guy who's apartment looked out onto the beach and who kept touching himself (his apartment was on top of a cliff and right behind where Lucas was playing, so I kept having to look that way...Very distasteful)

Lucas (of course) loved the sea, the sand and all the kids he met there. He played football for hours on end, climbed the rocks with Andy, build sand castles, danced in the restaurants, etc. All great fun.

Andy and I ate tons of good food, drank lovely Italian wine (A lot of Italians seem to have settled in Tulum for some reason) & enjoyed the stylish resorts and restaurants. There are some backpackers places in Tulum, but the whole place has a touch of flair and class about it. Especially of course the resorts. We never saw any groups of rowdy guys & no one would be hassling you on the beach to try and sell you something. It was all very civilized.

So, a great little break. Although, it was quite a drive & I wouldn't want to do that again too soon with Lucas. It's really a bit much for him (7-hour drive)

Right now, it's good to be back home again. There really is no place like home, is there?

I'll post some pictures later....