Friday, January 07, 2005

He's out!

Thanks for all the sweet responses. My dad is ok. He has already been released from hospital and simply has to take it easy for a while. It turns out one of his heart valves doesn't shut properly, but that's not related to the accident. He has to try to avoid stress, that's all.

You know, everything just seems a lot worse when you're far away. When I was in hospital this summer, my mum and sister freaked out too & wanted to jump on the next flight out of Aruba. You just feel so helpless being at such a distance. Anyway, all is okay and we'll go to Holland as planned, next May.

Karen did a little speech about yoga yesterday at the International Women's Club. I was so proud of her. She normally hates public speaking, but she did brilliantly!

I also discussed the idea for the Newsletter, it was very well received. It won't be called the "Helping Hand" Newsletter though, as there is an adoption service in Belize called Helping Hands. Also, as the women pointed out to me, it's part directory and part newsletter. So I think I'll call it "Belize Charity and Public Services Directory" (BCPS Directory).

I'll upload some information about it in the next few days, for those who are interested. I want the first one to be ready by March. So I better get cracking! Adios!