Tuesday, January 25, 2005

We're off again

The political situation in Belize is still a bit of a mess. Almost all the schools, for instance, are still closed. There were protests in Orange Walk yesterday and on Friday there will be protest again in Belmopan. We got stuck in Belmopan the other day when the protests were on, which was quite scary. There were gun shots fired, police in riot gear marching around and stones being thrown. No one got hurt, but it was an unpleasant atmosphere. God knows what's going to happen next. I hope it all stays peaceful.

By the way, the guys brought a Boa over yesterday that had been crawling around the stables. They wanted to show Karen, as she hadn't seen a snake yet since she's been here. It was so funny. Karen was completely freaked out. I kept egging her on, telling her to stop being a baby and touch the snake. She did in the end, but only for a second.

Got to go now, have a plane to catch. We're off to Miami for a few days (I know, we have a hard life ; )

Adios amigos!