Monday, April 04, 2005


Yes, Daphne our cat (Karen's friends Christened her "Daphne" recently) has had her kittens. She totally confused us this morning when she walked around without her big belly & no kittens in sight. We were already worried that she had given birth to dead kittens or something, because we didn't hear anything and couldn't find her kittens anywhere. After a while it became clear why we didn't see them....she has had her litter on the inside of an old sofa. The lining had come lose on the bottom and her kittens are inside that. It looks like there might be 4 of them. Daphne is nursing them right now. So sweet.

By the way, check out what Caroline is doing these days. It's a really cool concept; a new way of distributing and promoting music. Click on "Prohibition". I'm so proud of my friends and the stuff they're up to these days. I was just talking to my friend Gilly, who has directed the show "Wife swap" for ABC recently. I remember when she used to work in a bar and doubted that she would ever be able to make a career for herself in television. I always knew that she would make it, though. You can always see if people have what it takes. It's more a personality thing than anything else.

For instance, I remember there used to be a guy who worked in the MTV post room. He was such a nice person. I knew that he had "that special something". Although, for a long time, I seemed to be the only person who noticed that in him. I remember him talking about leaving MTV as he didn't see his way out of the post room (he'd been there quite some time). I urged him to stay. I was convinced that it was only a matter of time before he'd be given a chance by someone. Well, I was right. Soon he was given a position in "artist relations" (I believe that was what it was called). Where he had to look after all the band that came in. He did a great job and moved on to become road manager for U2. After that I lost touch with him, but I'm sure he's still doing well somewhere.

In hindsight, these were some of the things I liked best about my old job. Spotting talent! I helped some really cool bands break through to the mainstream (Like the Prodigy, Moloko, Faithless, etc.) And as the jury member on Popstars in Germany, I helped put together the "No Angels" (Dumb name). Anyway, that band did end up breaking all records in Germany and I believe that to this day they are the best-selling German band ever (Shame I never got any royalties). Anyway, these are some of my most fond memories of my old life. Seeing others do well & knowing that I played a small part in their success.

I guess that's what I hope to achieve with some of the kids here too. Not that I want them to become popstars...but I just hope that some of the kids will use the chance that they have been given through the sponsorship & that they'll do well in whatever field they chose. I guess time will tell.