Thursday, March 31, 2005

Caroline is here

I'm sorry everybody, I've had to take my last posting about Skippy off. I just can't stand to have to look at it every time I see my blog. Anyway, she died. And it was horrible.

In the meantime, two more dogs have died around here. It turned out to be tick fever, not bees. Now all the dogs around here are getting preventive medication, so hopefully that was the last of it.

Now, something completely different; My friend Caroline Prothero is here & I'm having a very nice time with her. We hadn't seen each other for about two years! Anyway, we've been to Five Sisters Falls for a swim, had a little horseride and tried to put face masks the other night. The face mask thing did not work out the way we planned it, but was hilarious anyway. I laughed so much my stomach hurt and the face mask cracked and fell off my face.

Caroline is off on a horse ride again this morning & I'm off picking out tiles for our new bathroom (after spending so much time doing up our rental rooms, we are now finally get round to fixing up our own space). Not sure yet what we'll do this afternoon. Would like to do some yoga and a nice meditation. Caroline brought me lots of Deepak Chopra CD's with guided meditations, so maybe we'll do that.