Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mucho info, madness in the jungle

You know what it feels like when the "Inbox" of your email is loaded and disorganized? Well, that's what my life has been like for the last few days. Actually, the desk that I work on is another dead give-a-way; It's messy & disorganized like my brain.

Basically, there are just so many people who want to help/join forces with the Jaden Foundation & there are so many projects that I would like to get involved in. Also, Tella works as our cook these days, so I don't have as much help with Lucas. Our resort is full & we are still training our staff, so a lot of time goes into that.

And then there are unforeseen things, of course. Yesterday we had a crazy emergency going on as Jaimy (one of Banana Bank's former wranglers and father of Lucas' best friends Nicki & Emelda) got arrested in Mexico. He is trying to get across the border to the US & was already traveling illegally through Mexico. His wife (Tella's daughter) was told that she had to send $3000 by Western Union within the next hour to have him released. She was hysterical and got everybody else fired up to. People all put money together and she was about to cross the river to send it off. The problem was, there were too many holes in the story that she was being told. Obviously, she was too hysterical to even notice this.

It turned out that she was told that if she send the money straight away, Jaimy would be released into the United States (we told her that would not be possible), none of the numbers she had been given in Mexico worked, she didn't know who this person was that she was sending the money to, etc. Lucky enough, I managed to calm her down and stopped her from sending this money. Today she got a phone call from Jaimy again and he is no longer in prison. We still don't know what happened exactly.

Anyway, it's still a mess. Today Jaimy's wife asked me to phone the people in the States who had promised him a job, just to check if they were really serious about this. I tried the number & it is no longer in use. Also, the address is a, so God knows where Jaimy is planning to travel to? I hope he'll turn around and come back to Belize. This whole thing is just a mess.

Also, our dog Skippy nearly died today. She got stung by bees last night and lost the use of her legs. She had collapsed onto a nest of fire ants and was covered in them when we found her. Today I took her to the vet, but she was already in anna....bulubu (something or other) shock. You know, where you have such a bad allergic reaction that you can hardly breath and your heart is the next thing to give out. Anyway, I think she's ok now. She's been sedated, was given glucose on a drip and received an injection for her reaction.

Oh...And our cat is about to give birth to kittens. I've already checked her in with the vet for 7 weeks after the birth, so she can get neutered (don't want any more kittens after this)

Right, that's enough info for today. Jay & Jasper, if you're reading this; please send me a digital picture of the two of you. Adios everybody. I'm going to clean my desk now, as I have to start somewhere ; )