Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Well, well.....I've been quite the lazy blogger lately. So much has happened but, apart from the few pictures of our San Pedro trip, I have not had the discipline to report any of it.

Anyway, things are good here. The business is going fantastic. Our website now gets 500+ hits a day. Andy and I also added some pages especially for cruise ship passengers. It seems that there are many cruise ship passengers who do not want to go around in large groups & are happy to pay a little extra for something a bit more exclusive when they get to Belize. Check out our Belize Cruise Ship Excursions page to see what we offer.

Been to another great piano lesson with Miss Bunny today & discovered that the ring finger of my left hand has a hard time operating independently. Whenever it moves, my little pinky moves with it. They are like these "out of control" kids. They simply go where ever they want, but never where I tell them to. So my task for the coming weeks is to get control of these two fingers (funny assignment, don't you think?)

Oh, and far as the non-profit status for the Jaden Foundation goes....
Looks like I may not go for it after all, as it turns out that it will cost me about 2 to 3 thousand dollars to set it up. I went to the Ministry of Human Development today to find out about it. Having a non-profit status in Belize will not result in tax deductions for foreign donators & only helps to import goods into Belize duty-free. But I don't need help with that, as I am already working with government departments & they can just sign waivers for me anyway. So...I think I will leave it for now.

Something I'm quite excited about; on Thursday I'm going on a little road trip with Matt Miller (head of the Peace Corps), Karen and maybe a few other people. We're going to Punta Gorda, which is in the South of Belize. And we are visiting several Maya villages down there. The Southern part of Belize is by far the poorest region of the country & I've been wanting to go and find out what is needed there with regards to education. Matt will be introducing us to the principal of a special "Maya school" there. This school is dedicated to preserving the Mayan way of life (next to the standard curriculum) by teaching classes in the Mayan language and teaching the kids about the old religion, etc. It should be very interesting.