Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My precious little nudist

Lucas has finally allowed me to put waterwings on him today (You won't believe the hysterical episodes we've been through over this). Anyway, you should have seen his delighted little face when he realized that he doesn't go under water with them. So he swam around the pool today, deep end and all.

It's funny....parents (and grandparents) have this certain "look" sometimes when they are gazing at their offspring. We've all seen that "look"; it's the one where they smile heavenly and look as if their child is either the messiah or simply the most divine being ever to have walked this earth. Well, I had that goofy smile on my face today. Several times even; first when he swam around the pool by himself, then when he said " I love you & I miss you" on the phone to my mum and then again when he went for a naked horse ride (he's becoming quite the nudist)

Ok, I'm going to hang out with Lucas some more. I'm off for a day-and-a-half tomorrow without him, so I want to spend some extra time with that little monkey today.