Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Little update

It’s raining. I don’t mind though. It’s been so hot the last few days, it’s nice to have a cooler day in between.

Received a phone call from the Ministry of Education this morning. Their IT department will help me with the distribution of the educational software. They also want to know more about the Jaden Foundation and hopefully list us as a charity that the Ministry of Education officially works with. In this meeting today, we can also look at how to get the donated computers from Rochester shipped to Belize.

Now, the Belize Jungle Dome is doing great. We’re pretty much fully booked through the month of March. And since we cook meals for the guests too these days, it means that we will all be very busy.

Oh, and we've booked our flights to Europe! We are really going! We fly into the UK on the 7th of May and leave again on the 26th of May. I am so excited. We haven't seen our friends and family for much too long. And I'm planning a charity dinner for the Jaden Foundation for when I'm in London (some time between the 10th and the 16th).

My dad will celebrate his 60th B-day round that time as well, so all my brothers and sisters (there's 6 of us in total) will be together in Holland again for that. It must have been at least 4 year ago since we were all together. Miriam is flying in from Aruba to be there as well. We haven't seen her since she moved away from Belize, which was April or May last year. We have to find a way to see each other more often....