Friday, March 04, 2005

Route De Maya

I always forget to check my comments. Just looked at them this morning for the first time in weeks and noticed some lovely comments and advice from Jaime & Bill Erickson about the "non-profit" status that I'm trying to get for the Jaden Foundation. Thank you both. I will read through the Belize Companies Act & see what it says about it. And Bill, please send me your email address or email me at . I would love to hear about your experiences with setting up a non-profit in Belize and in the States.

Oh, and it's the Route De Maya today. Which is the big canoe race that goes from San Ignacio all the way to Belize City. It's a 3-day race and the first stop is at Banana Bank later today. So I believe that we'll have a very full house tonight. Lynwen is following the racers as part of the rescue team. She is staying with us, so is Sharane, our massage therapist and our tour guide Gonzo (and who ever else shows up). It will be a fun evening, I think.

Anyway, that's all later. I first have to do another "drop-off" in Belize City. One of our guests is checking out. Of course, we have lots more are arriving too. The rooms downstairs are all booked out. So we'll all be very busy. It's gonna be a crazy one....