Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Feeling hot, hot, hot...

My goodness, it is absolutely boiling here today! Lucky enough, we have a wireless connection so I can sit outside and work on the computer. It's just unbearable inside the house right now.

Anyway, all is good here. The Route De Maya came and went. It was nice having so many people around. Andy drank a bit too much and fell asleep outside on a wooden chair (how does he do that?) And we ended up with a bar full of slightly rowdy (but funny) women. It was quite enjoyable.

Lucas had a fever last night and kept us up a bit. The weird thing is, he won't have his afternoon sleep today. I thought he'd be knackered (I am). It's gone past 2 and he's still charging around. Very strange.

Now, Lucas has 2 favorite "toys" these days:
  1. A football
  2. A broom (sometimes substituted by PVC pipes)

So I've decided that it's no use buying him expensive toys, because he doesn't play with them anyway. At least not for long. A toy can hold his attention for up to 5 minutes, a broom can keep him entertained for at least half an hour. The same with a football. He can play football for hours, but plays with his cars only for minutes at a time. Cuddly toys don't seem to do anything for him. All he does with them is throw them around the house. Actually, that's not totally true...he also tries to "feed" cuddly toys with whatever he is eating. If I don't spot it in time, we end up with moldy teddies stuffed underneath the bed or the sofas . Quite disgusting, really.

His favorite thing is copying the other men around the house. So if David is cleaning the pool in the morning, Lucas does the same a with a broom or a PVC pipe later (I prefer the PVC pipe, because it doesn't make the pool dirty). If John is shoveling, Lucas is shoveling. If Andy waters the plants, Lucas waters the plants (and then tries to destroy the plant). And of course, he sees them playing football, so he wants to play football. He now tries to keep the ball up, which is too hard for him of course. Still, it's funny to watch.

Oh by the way, I did something really exciting today (exciting for me....I'm sure it won't sound as exciting to anyone else...) I've started piano lessons! I have been wanting to learn to play the piano for years now, but never actually got round to it. The lady teaching me is called Miss Bunny. She is a Creole lady in her fourties, who plays the piano in the Anglican Church. She is a most amazing teacher. I can't believe how much I've already learned in just one lesson. I guess it's partly because I learned to read music before with my singing lessons (I had lessons from the age of 12 to 18). Still, I can't do that anymore...look at some random notes on paper and then sing them (we did try and it was disastrous). But there is obviously some part of my brain that still remembers this stuff & I'm sure it made the piano lesson a lot easier. Miss Bunny and I had so much fun and laughed so much, I can't wait to go back next week.

I'm also going to check out rehearsals for a community choir in Belmopan. I'm going a bit stir-crazy, not singing or dancing or acting. I need some kind of creative outlet again.

Oh, and finally, I now know where to go to get the non-profit status for the Jaden Foundation. I'm going to the offices on Friday. But first we're off to San Pedro for a night tomorrow. See ya!