Sunday, April 10, 2005


I really feel that I should be posting something, eventhough there is not much going on here. Whatever has happened has already been written about by Karen (see I don't want to end up with 2 identical blogs, so I won't mentioned anything that's already on her blog.

Got woken up this morning by the howler monkeys. We have a family of 7 in the trees just off our property. You wouldn't expect it by the sound of them, but they are actually very cute.

Talking of monkeys....I'm trying desperately to get some off our neighbouring children away from our house. It is just crazy at the moment, there are just children everywhere. They are here for several reasons:
  1. To exchange books from our little "library"
  2. To show me their rapport cards
  3. To get toys (I'm clearing out the toys that Lucas no longer plays with)

The problem is, these kids are all so adorable. So I can't get angry with them. But it is really getting too chaotic with all of them running around. I guess I'll have to put my foot down and tell them all to stick to our pre-arranged library time on Saturday morning.

By the way, I really need to do some work on the Jaden Foundation webpages. We have several sponsors now that need to be added to the website & there are still some children that I need to track down who received sponsorship this year. As I've already shared with you, I'm not that busy at the moment, so I really have no excuse for procrastinating on this. Still....I'm dragging my heals a bit, I have to admit (sheer laziness)

Right, I'm going to procrastinate just a little bit more. Just because it's Sunday. Dr. Peter Alan is coming over later with some friends from the UK, so that should be fun (he's such a sweetheart)

Talk to you later xxxxx