Friday, April 22, 2005

Restlessness in paradise

I'm feeling a bit uneasy at the moment. Although, I have to say, I seem to be the only one at the Belize Jungle Dome who feels like this, so maybe I'm over-reacting.

Basically, there is unrest in Belize. Especially in Belize City. There was a riot and looting going on on Wednesday night & there have been protests on and off for months now. The Belizean public has had enough of the current government. There has been so much corruption (it's one case after another) & so much public money has been lost, that people demand the government to step down. But the government and the Prime Minister deny any wrong-doing and claim that the opposition party is orchestrating the protests and is trying to overthrow this democratically elected government.

Anyway, this whole thing may just fizzle out again. But I can't help feeling a bit scared and helpless. It all makes me feel like a stranger in a strange land. Maybe it's also because I am a mother, I don't know. I. mean, it's not like we actually notice anything here at the Belize Jungle Dome, life is still as calm and peaceful as ever. But just the thought that people's patience may be wearing thin scares me.

Right now though, I'm just getting on with normal life, like everybody else. I went to rehearsals for our up-coming concert this morning, bust a tire on the ferry, received help from a man who's car had also broken down, spend an hour-and-a-half in the bank this morning to get some money out, etc. All just normal stuff.