Saturday, April 23, 2005

Helicopters and tortilla chips

Lucas has had quite an exciting day today. The airforce came and landed their helicopter on the football pitch outside our house (the second time that they've done that now). One of the pilots is staying with us for a few days. He'll be picked up again on Monday, so Lucas will be able to see the helicopter once again. He is obsessed with helicopters at the moment. His favorite book is "Budgy the little helicopter" by Fergie, to be read to him at least 4 times a day, and he has several toy helicopters (all of which are trashed as he throws them around a bit). So anyway, this helicopter landing in fron of our house is a big thing for him.

I went to see Lynwen and Ian at Caves Branch this afternoon. They are building an amazing house for themselves above the Caves Branch restaurant. It's going to be huge! Lynwen and I sat in what will one day be their living room, with our feet dangling outside the house (the glass doors aren't in yet). It was lovely, just chatting and munching on tortilla chips. I really like Lynwen. It's always so nice hanging out with her.

We were also talking about the country's recent problems and I have to say; Ian's views on the whole matter were quite enlightening, as he has come up with a possible outcome that does not include any violence (as you know, I've been worrying a bit about that). He said that it's quite likely that the Prime Minister will be forced to step down by his own party (if the protests continue) & that they will then continue with a different Prime Minister. Also, he was guessing that some of the Ministers who were fired recently (they refused to put with the corruption) might form their own party & become the much needed 3rd party in the next elections. Anyway, it's not a perfect solution....but it's something. It's a thought that I can live with.