Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tulum (again)

We're back from our little trip to Tulum. It was wonderful. Lucas managed to sit through the 7-hour car journey without even a hint of a whine. Absolutely astounding for a 2-year-old, I think. The trick is....presents! I bought some cheap and cheerful little knick-knacks to give to him when he got bored. He got two presents on the way there and two on the way back & it worked wonders.

I've written about Tulum before, so I don't have to go in to details again. But anyway, it's beautiful there. We just lazed around on the beach and ate a ton of food. And that was it really.

A perfect little break....

Oh, things are still a bit messy in Belize politically. Now the telephone systems are all down and have been for days (strikes again). Unions are calling for the Prime Minister to step down. God knows what's going to happen.