Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Well.....it's gone 12 o'clock....

And nothing has happened. We still have electricity (thank God, as it's boiling hot here) & everything else seems to be functioning fine too, like the telephone, etc.

The thing that really confuses me about all this is that the radio stations now mention nothing anymore about this morning's situation. All the stations now play these happy tunes, talk about trivial stuff and pretend that nothing happened. It's just too strange. What happened with the "National Shutdown"? What is going on? No one mentions anything about it anymore. How is that possible? And what about the rallies? Was the National Shutdown of public services canceled? Did not enough public officers support the cause? I want to know.

This morning it was broadcast that the government would remove broadcast licences of anyone broadcasting anything that could in any way encourage violence (with immediate effect) Again, what does that mean? Does that mean that we now longer are given the news? I'll follow what happens and will let you know.