Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's a boy!!!!!!

Today has turned out to be rather eventful. I went to see my gynecologist and discovered that we're having another boy! I really did not expect that. I was convinced that this baby would be a girl. Mainly because this whole pregnancy is so different from when I was carrying Lucas. Still, my mum did tell me that she made that same mistake when she was pregnant with me. She thought that I would be a boy, because my pregnancy was so different from my sister's. So there you go. My mum was right yet again (she often is)

Also, over the last last week or so I have had a bit of a strange feeling....like the baby is pressing down or something. And now it turns out that that is exactly what has been happening. The baby's head is pushing down onto my cervix. Apparently, it is not at the dangerous stage (yet), but I do have to take it very easy for about a week. We wouldn't want this little fellow to show up yet, I'm only in my 20th week (according to today's ultra-sound I'm slightly futher along than we initially though)

So anyway, I'll be spending most of this coming week sitting or lying down. Which is a shame, as I just got back into working out again. I went to the gym a few times in Rochester and had brought back a pregnancy exercise DVD to do at home. Maybe I'm really not meant to exercise during this pregnancy. A month or or two ago I exercised and got strange shooting pains in my lower abdomens and now this again......all a bit worrying really.

On the up-side, I'll have lots of time to blog now. So expect lots of new postings in the coming days.

Adios my dears!