Thursday, September 01, 2005

Expanding our options

In the last few days we've been visiting some of the other resorts in our district. Basically, we are looking for a nice place to send our guests to whenever we get fully booked. We are already a third full for December and are getting tons of inquiries every day. We should be booked up pretty soon. Not surprising when you consider that we only have 3 rental units at the Belize Jungle Dome and our website gets about 1000 hits a day (webmaster Andy has worked his magic there)

We found a lovely place to work with in the Mountain Pine Ridge, called Five Sisters Lodge. It's a place we've often visited on daytrips (they have the most beautiful waterfalls there), but I had never looked at the rooms before. Anyway, the rooms are great and reasonably priced. So many lodges in Belize are totally overpriced, it's ridiculous. Oh, and another nice thing is that this resort is one of the only Belizean owned resorts on the mainland.

So anyway, whenever we are full we can still offer the inland part our all-inclusive packages (we already have 3 resorts on San Pedro that we work with for the island extension). All we have to do is make sure that people would be happy to stay at Five Sisters instead of the Jungle Dome.

Now, let's hope that this resort is good to work with as far as bookings are concerned. It's amazing to see how many resorts don't answer emails or give you confirmation when you try and book a room. I often wonder how some of them survive when they are being so unprofessional.

Well, enough about all that. I'm slowly gonna start packing for our Rochester trip. We're off on Monday & I already have this nagging feeling that I've forgotten something. I'm quite sure that's only going to increase the closer we get to Monday. So I better get organized. That may help a little. Having this foggy "pregnancy brain" doesn't help, that's for sure.

Adios amigos!