Wednesday, September 28, 2005

First day of school

Our little man has gone of to pre-school. He has been excited about it for months, but this morning he seemed to get a bit nervous about the whole thing. It was only after I told him that they have swings and lots of toys there that he was up for going again. Andy took him in and just phoned me to say that Lucas was grinning from ear to ear when he left him. I'm happy to know that, I would have hated it if Andy had left him there in tears.

All "our boys" seem to be moving on now. John moved out yesterday night (thanks for not saying goodbye John!!!!! I was brushing my teeth & when I came out you were gone!) Anyway, John will be living in San Ignacio from now on. There is much more to do there for a young bachelor than there is in the jungle, so I think he's doing the right thing. I am still expecting him here a few times a week anyway as he will be coming over to play football.

Now.....I said that I would write some more about our Rochester trip too, so here are some of the things that happened whilst we were there:
  • Andy and I picked out our wedding rings. They are making them to size right now and will be brought down to Belize in October by Tom & Marge (And no, we are not having a wedding. We both can't be bothered to organize that & it's too hard to get all our family and friends together in one place anyway as they are spread out all over the world)
  • My mum and sister Miriam came to Rochester for a few days. It was so great to see them & Lucas absolutely adores them. As usual, it was hard to say goodbye & I couldn't help but cry when we dropped them off at the airport. Lucas looked at my tears and asked "Mummy are you okay? What's wrong with your eyes?" (Andy told him "That's what women do Lucas, they leak")
  • We were looked after amazingly well by all the staff at Rochester hospital. I want to say a special "Thank you!" to Cindy Gordon and her husband Roy, to Dr. Ralph Penino, Dr. Mike De Vilareal (hope I spelled that right) & of course to man who did Lucas' eye operation, Dr. Rosenberg.