Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita

We should have been flying home to Belize today, but we're kinda stuck. Basically, we were meant to fly through Houston but hurricane Rita is heading that way so all the flights have been canceled. The weird thing is that our flight has now been re-scheduled for saturday and sunday (fly to Cleveland on saturday and then on to Houston & Belize on sunday). It looks to me like that is going to be a problem too. I was looking at the BBC News website & it looks like sunday may still be a bit of a mess down there. Obviously, no one knows for sure where it will hit or how severe it will be,although it looks like it's going to be another bad one. So God knows if and when we can actually make it home.

I feel really bad for Karen. That poor girl has been holding the ford at the Belize Jungle Dome for nearly three weeks. She must be going a bit crazy by now, being in that big old place by herself (well.....John is there in the evenings.....but still....)

So I hope we can make it back asap.

On our trip to Aruba recently we were narrowly missed by hurricanes three times in a row in the space of 2 weeks (Dennis sweeped past Miami, Emily just missed Aruba and then came close to Belize). So everywhere we went we were on storm watch.

It's really gotten out of control with all these hurricanes. Especially for the United States. I'm just hoping that Rita will not be another Katrina.