Thursday, June 29, 2006

We're wacked!

Wow, it's been 11 days since I last blogged. I've had many blog ideas, but no chance to write. See, Andy and I have been running the Belize Jungle Dome whilst Karen went on a well-deserved Birthday break. Throughout that whole time Deborah has been sick, so we've been working full time and looking after both the kids. Especially Lucas demands a lot of our time. He is so energetic, talks non-stop and is just a very 'in ya face' 3-year-old. One of our guest once asked if he had ADD, which annoyed me, though I also understood what he meant, as Lucas is incredibly energetic & even manic sometimes. Oh well....all part of the joys of parenting boys! Thank God we live in the jungle and can let him run riot out there, otherwise we'd all be going crazy.

I do wonder how the Mennonites manage to produce such quiet children. Those kids just sit on those horse drawn carts all day and you don't hear a peep from them. You couldn't do that with Lucas even if you did stick a straw hat on him.

So anyway, next week we fly back to England to visit the grandparents and old friends. That's when we really want Lucas and Aidan to act like those Mennonite children, on that 10-hours+ flight across the Atlantic. Do you think it would be ethical to drug our kids with children's cough syrup before the flight? Or is it even bad to think like that?

Oh, I'm sure we'll survive. Lucas is actually a pretty good traveler. As long as produce a long stream of presents and snacks throughout the trip, we should be fine. And if he sleeps at least part of the way, that's an added bonus.

And Aidan? Who knows? It will be his first long flight. But the good thing is that much of the flight is at nighttime and he usually sleeps great at night (ridiculously short cat napper by day, but a sleeping beauty by night)

So I am quietly optimistic. And very much looking forward to seeing friends and family again, to taking Lucas on family outings (Dinosaur park, playgrounds, etc.) & to shopping! So we come. Only 5 more days to go!