Friday, June 09, 2006

Trying to get fit again!

Finally managed to do some aerobics. I took Deborah along to look after Aidan & Lucas and Deborah’s younger brother wanted to come too. I would never have been able to show up with that many kids at an aerobics class in Europe, but here in Belize it’s not a problem. Lots of women bring their children and they either all play together, sit quietly or join in with the exercises at the side.

Lucas loved it! He had a blast & mummy got a good work out. I actually surprised myself by not being as unfit as I thought I was. I managed to do the whole class (not bad for my first post-pregnancy work out) without fainting. I had a head like a beet by the end of it, but still…

Oh by the way, my mum is back! She only left about two weeks ago and now she’s here for another two weeks. That’s the great thing about her not working at the restaurant anymore; she can come over whenever she wants. Yeeha!

Now, the plan for today was that we would go to San Pedro for Andy’s birthday (Happy Birthday babe!) But the weather is just too miserable. So we will wait for a few days until it clears up. That’s just how things are in the rainy season; you never know what to expect weather wise.