Friday, November 26, 2004


There's a wedding at Banana Bank Lodge, so we are pretty busy right now. Good thing that Karen is here to help us with the bar. We've been doing poolside yoga every morning since she arrived (this was day 3 & I'm in agony). This morning we actually did the yoga session at the Birding Tower overlooking the lagoon with some wedding guests. They loved it! Karen is such a brilliant teacher. It looks like the class tomorrow will be quite full, as all the wedding guests are talking about it.

We are moving more and more into the whole yoga/retreat direction with our resort the Belize Jungle Dome . And having Karen, our yoga teacher, here full-time is just perfect . Actually, have a look at our retreat web page. We are planning to add more about the yoga soon and to set some dates for specific yoga retreats. Wow, how lucky am I? To have all this right on my doorstep?