Thursday, November 25, 2004

Life in the Belizean "fast lane"

Life has been speeding up lately. So much so that I am about 10 steps behind on myself. So...let's see what news I should be sharing with you.
  1. We took Tella (our cleaning lady/nanny) and her daughter Jessica to Hopkins. Neither of them had ever seen the sea. They were in absolute hysterics, battling with the waves & tasting the salty water. We were literally crying with laughter, it was magical.
  2. Karen our yoga teacher from Canada has arrived! And she is brilliant! Not only as a teacher, but as a person as well. I am so happy, because (let's face it) we didn't really know each other before she arrived. We only met once & only for about 5 minutes. Lucky enough, for all of us, we all get on well. She will be living with us for an indefinite time. She has a one-year ticket, so we'll see how it goes.
  3. Yesterday I received a great phone call. I was basically told that I can put a list together of goods for the local primary school & a list for the Children in Need Center (for children with disabilities) that will be build soon in Belize City. As groups of doctors traveling to Belize from the States, have offered to bring goods for me on a regular basis. I was also told that there is an organization that brings container loads of medical supplies for children in Belize & that they can help us with the more specific requirements for the Children in Need Center.
  4. Florian, our carpenter, is leaving us today. He's slowly going to make his way back to Germany. All his work is done here & it means that we are now ready for the high season. So...bring it on!

Oh, and there's more. But we'll get to that all some other day. And I'll write some stuff about the Garifuna as well soon.