Monday, November 08, 2004

Wooly jumpers in Belize.

You can feel that winter is coming, as it's getting lovely and "cold", even in Belize. I just checked the thermometer and it's 20 degrees Celsius, apparently. I'm absolutely loving it. I'm wearing a wooly jumper, jeans and fluffy slippers. Isn't funny how 20 degrees Celsius feels cold to me now? Anyway, it's quite weird that I've ended up living in a hot country, as I'm not a hot weather person at all. Of all the seasons, summer was always my least favorite. Isn't that odd? I don't know why exactly. I guess it's because summer time has always felt too distracting to me. I always feel like I can't get anything done when it's too hot.

But anyway, Belize's winters are really lovely. They're like perfect spring day, repeated every day for 3 months. With blue skies, a light breeze and mild temperatures. I guess that's why most tourists chose to come to Belize in the winter. We are getting booked up rather quickly now. Oh, for those of you who haven't seen our resorts website yet, go to and check it out. And if you want to come this winter, you better hurry up and book your room. See you soon?