Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A bit of a fright!

Great, I nearly stepped on a Tarantula this morning. It was crawling around our front room, but I didn't notice at first as I thought it was one of Lucas' toys. How creepy! Anyway, Andy (still half asleep in his boxer shorts) caught it with a colander and threw it outside. I checked it a little later and saw it edging back towards our house again, so I went out & threw a pan over its head (waiting for Andy to get up & deal with it later). But guess what Andy did? Instead of taking it away from our house, he brought it back in and put it on our dining room table to take pictures of it. He really isn't right in the head. I might as well be living with that bloody crocodile hunter. Anyway, Andy thinks that I'm the crazy one for telling him to be careful all the time.

Still, these Tarantulas can shoot poisonous little "darts" of their back. You can see these things sitting on their back, they're like little red spikes. But lucky enough, the Tarantulas here are generally too dopey to do anything. I know this guy who had tried to get bit by a Tarantula once (in the name of science), but he couldn't get the Tarantula to do it, no matter how hard he tried. It's just that laid back attitude that's part of Belize. It's obviously even part of the Tarantulas lifestyle. Still, they are very creepy, aren't they?