Thursday, November 11, 2004

Our child-friendly resort

Yesterday was a day filled with children. They were everywhere and pretty much trashed our house. But we don't care, as long as they keep Lucas occupied. That's the thing once you become a parent...if your child is happy, you are happy. If you're child is unhappy, your life is hell. So parents want nothing more than to keep their children entertained.

We pride ourselves on being a child-friendly resort, with our big pool, a variety of animals or of course tons of other children to play with. Yesterday, a couple arrived with their two-year-old boy Robbie. They were quite surprised as to how child-friendly we actually were. We all spend the evening in the bar, surrounded by toys, bags of crisps, two manic toddlers and Barney on the television (both the boys are obsessed with Barney and danced along to the songs). It was a wonderful evening. Today we've offered to baby-sit Robbie, whilst his mum and dad go horse riding. So I better get mentally prepared again for lots of high energy action around the house later.