Tuesday, September 28, 2004

TV the old Days

28th September 2004 - I’m listening to James Hyman’s interview with Liam from the Prodigy. They’re talking about “the olden days”. Funny to hear Liam say “Yeah man, Simone…she was a good girl” (whatever that means?) Still, it makes me miss that part of my life a little. Just a little though, I have to add. As I can’t really see myself go out there again, working until deep into the night, traveling around the world & everything else that came with that lifestyle. I’m too happy being a mum and hanging out with my little boy, with Andy, our animals, etc. By the way, how cool is this picture of Tika? (She is Banana Bank’s pet jaguar). Steve Backshall from the BBC’s Really Wild Show took it when they were here filming for their TV programme.