Thursday, September 09, 2004

My first Life Coaching Speech

9th September 2004 - Great, hurricane Ivan is moving away from Aruba. I was a bit worried, as my mum and my sister Miriam live on Aruba. But all is well, thank God. So I’m off today to talk at the International Women’s Club meeting about my Life Coaching. It will be my first taste again of public speaking after 3 years in the jungle. I think it’s going to be fun. Oh, and we’ve started to get my retreats listed everywhere, for instance on Retreats online. I have also found the perfect spot for doing the Vision Quests (part of the retreat packages). I’m going to go and do a mini Vision Quest myself there soon just to see how it would work. Oh and finally, I am having a meeting with our district’s representative next week to discuss the water problem of Young Bank village (as I wrote in earlier blogs, they receive cable television but no running water). I hope that I can help them.