Thursday, September 30, 2004

Temples to ourselves

30th September 2004 - There is very little happening here at the moment. There are no guests at the resort (it’s the middle of the low season), most our construction work has been done, “my kids” are all in school and doing well & the first steps have been made towards helping Young Bank village in their fight for running water (now we have to wait now for the surveys to be done by Belize Water Services). Anyway, this is obviously a good time to start doing some more family outings, so we went to the Mayan temples of Cahal Pech yesterday. It was the absolute opposite experience of the one we had in Mexico. At these temples we were the only visitors! It was pretty incredible. We climbed the structures; we sat inside of them and made up stories of how life used to be there at the Mayan times. We had such a wonderful day. I think we’ll go on some more Belize adventures in coming weeks. Soon we won’t have time for things like these anymore