Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Life Coaching Teacher

1st September 2004 - Great, it’s a new month and lots of wonderful stuff is happening! Our tree top café is pretty much done now; we’re just waiting for the varnish to dry. It looks amazing! Also, the kids are off to school in a few days & the transport has been organized. It’s going to be great watching them all go off in the mornings with all their schoolbooks and in their new uniforms.
And, something else that I’m very excited about, I’m going to be the guest speaker at the International Women’s’ Club meeting next week. I’ll be talking about my Life Coaching and about the fact that we’re going to be offering Life Coaching Retreats at the Belize Jungle Dome. From mid-November onwards we’ll even have our own personal fitness trainer and yoga/pilates teacher here, so we can put together personalized retreat programs that include daily health/fitness routines as well. I’m also planning to offer the usual Belize daytrip, but with a personal growth “twist”. So we can do meditations at Mayan temples, over win our fears at the Black Hole Drop, do yoga and then spend a night camping in a cave, etc. There are just so many great things to do here; I’m totally excited about the possibilities.