Friday, September 03, 2004

Attacked by a Scorpion

3rd September 2004 - I had the biggest scorpion ever on my back yesterday! It was the size of my whole hand, from wrist to tip of fingers. A big black beast! It was holding on to the yoga mat that I had thrown over my shoulder. Anyway, we used to be so nice to the local scorpions; we never killed any. But becoming a parent makes you more violent in a way. I mean, now we kill any scorpion we see around the house. Just the thought that they might get to Lucas fills me with anger; it’s the weirdest thing. Anyway, considering that they seem like these scary beasts, they are as easily killed as a little fly, which surprises me again every time. One tap on the head and they are dead. I know it’s not good to kill, but I just want this to be a safe place for Lucas to play. I hope there’s no Karmic boomerang out there for people who kill scorpions.