Friday, March 31, 2006

Taking a breather

I’ve decided to have a nice chilled day at the Dome today. It’s all been a tat too hectic lately. So today I just want to hang out with my kids, read, swim, faf around on the computer, take pictures and read. There are plenty of things to get on with, but I’ve decided that everything can wait for a day. It’s so tempting for a new mum to do too much too soon & run herself into the ground. Anyway, I choose not to go there.

Talking of doing too much…I remember how we all used to overdo it at MTV. Seeing as I had never really had a ‘normal’ job before, I actually thought that it was normal for people to work and work and work (and party like crazy too) until they had a breakdown. These breakdowns could happen anywhere and at any time. People would literally loose it at those moments. They would usually cry their eyes out and say something like ‘I can’t do it anymore, I can’t do it’. We all recognized those moments and were very understanding. The person in question would take a few days off and when they returned they would work like crazy again until their next breakdown.

Isn’t it insane that I used to believe that this happened in all professions? Anyway, none of that for me anymore.

Last night we even managed to have a quiet evening. Both the kids fell asleep early! What a treat! Sitting by the side of the pool, eating a late-night bowl of cereal & staring at the stars (the stars are amazing in Belize as there isn’t any light pollution) made me realize again how good life really is. Andy and I could really do with more nights like that.

So enjoy your weekend, wherever you are! And may it be a relaxing one.