Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Just got back from a short trip to Placencia. Andy had to pick up some guests there, so we decided that we might as well grab that opportunity and have a little break ourselves. We spent two nights on the peninsula and took John and Rich along with us. It was fun. Although, as parents, you never get a 'real break', if you know what I mean. Still, John & Rich were a great help. They ran around with Lucas a lot. Checking out the crocodiles, jumping off the pier, burrying Lucas in the sand, etc.

Andy and I were surprised to see so many virtualy empty resorts in Placencia. We had expected everyone to be as busy as us this time of year. We are constantly turning down bookings these days and really need those two new rooms to be ready soon as they'd fill up straight away, by the looks of it. Guess we're doing something right at the Dome (which is always nice to know)

Placencia has changed a lot in the last few years from the sleeping fishing village it once was. There are now mega resorts going up, gated communities being build and, believe it or not, plans for a casino. But even with all that, there still isn't a decent supermarket on the whole of Placencia. Isn't that funny? That's just soooo Belize.