Monday, March 20, 2006

Changing times suddenly dawned on me today that in ten years (or so) from now there will be a conversation between myself and my two children along these lines:

"You know, when I was a child we didn't have computers"
"Really? So how did you send emails?"
"We didn't send emails. We wrote letters"
"What, by hand?"
"Yes, and we send them by mail"
"Wow, that must have taken ages"
"It did. And we didn't have mobile (cell) phones either"
"So how would you contact anyone if you were out of the house?"
"We couldn't...Unless there was a payphone nearby. But for them you needed the right change or a prepaid phonecard"
"What a pain"
"Yes it was actually"
"And our music was bought on vinyl and later on CD's. Those damn things always got scratched up. It used to really annoy me"
"Thank God I wasn't born yet. Things are so much better now"
"Well...I guess some things are. Still, overall I believe that things were better back then. At least people used to have time to chat with each other.....and not just online!"

So I suddenly realized that, to our children, Andy and I are going to seem like creatures of another era. I remember my mum telling me about her childhood, when most people didn't have a car, washing was done by hand, etc. It all sounded like a different century to me.

I guess that time just seems like this enormously long-stretched thing when you're a kid. And once you get older, you realize how quickly it actually passes.

So, it seems that I am getting old. Soon my children will become embarrassed by my dancing too. Now that would really kill me. I better dance through the house now whilst they are small and I am still allowed to do so.