Saturday, January 14, 2006

Time to blog

Yes I know, it’s about time I blogged again. We are just getting towards the end of a 5-day “break” (having no guests at The Dome). We’ve been using the time to sort out tons of little odd jobs around the house, planning the next phase of the Jungle Dome’s development and of course getting mentally prepared for the birth of our baby. I am due at end of the month or at the beginning of next. So it’s all going to happen pretty soon. I don’t know how ready I actually am. It’s all a bit daunting.

By the way, as lovely as our rental home in Belmopan is, we have decided to not stay in town long-term (our rental agreement runs out in 5 months). It is better to be right by the resort after all. And anyway, the Belize Jungle Dome is a fun place to be these days. There is always something happening and we usually have nice guests to hang around with in the evenings. The only time when it gets a bit much is in the slow season. That’s when we feel like crawling up the walls sometimes. But we’ll just try and travel more in those months.

So anyway, we have started to make plans for building a house on the land. It’s an incredibly fun project, especially as we have the luxury of working with a great architect (John). I mean, how many people ever have the chance to create their dream home with the help of professionals? I feel so blessed to be in this position. Actually, I feel so blessed full-stop. I have a great husband, a wonderful little boy with another on the way, a successful and fun business and lots of great opportunities to look forward to. And now a wonderful home that will be build soon. The only thing that we still need to create is more time with family and friends. But I’m sure we’ll manage to do that too in the future.

Oh by the way, Lucas made another funny comment a few days ago. I’ve decided to note them all on my blog postings, so when I read them back years from now I will remember all those funny moments (it’s the kind of stuff that parents often forget over the years)

Lucas noticed a small hole in one of our floor tiles and said:
“Mum, there’s a hole in this tile.
We don’t like holes, do we mum?”
“That’s right Lucas, we don’t”
“No mum, we don’t like holes….only alcohol”

Where on earth does a 3-year-old get a comment like that from? He always surprises me.