Friday, January 27, 2006

Life in the adventure travel industry

Belize is slowly drying up after that crazy weather that we've had. It's so nice to have the sun back again. Oh, and guess what? STILL NO BABY!!!!!
I tell you, this boy is playing tricks on me. He keeps pretending to come out and then he decides that it's simply too cozy where he is right now. He's been giving us scares for months, but now that he's getting towards the end of stay in me, he's finally getting settled. That little monkey.

Earlier today I was reading some of our latest guest comments. I just love how the Jungle Dome guests stay in touch with us after their holidays. They send us tons of cool pictures and wonderful comments about their stay at our resort. It is so heartwarming to read how much they enjoyed their time with us and how much they all end up loving our staff.

It really makes our job rewarding. And it makes me realize that even by working in tourism (which was something I had never imagined myself doing), you can have a postive impact on people's lives. Even if it's just for a short period of time.