Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trying to move

Wow, it's been enjoyable to hear from the other veejays. But I still have so many to track down though. If anyone out there knows where any of them are today, please let me know.

Andy and I, by the way, have been trying to move into our new rental house for the last few days. See, we now have a country house (the Belize Jungle Dome) and a town house in Belmopan. The town house is the one we run to when things get too crazy at the Dome. But the last few days we've not had much luck getting in. First I brought the wrong keys (pregnancy brain!) & then it turned out that the pad lock on the gate got jammed. So even with the right keys we can't get in. How annoying.

Today I'll go back and try to get the stupid thing off, as I really need a quiet place to go to. My head is pounding and there simply are too many people at the resort at the moment.

By the way, been watching the coolest documentary series lately, called: "The Century of the Self" and "The Power of Nightmares" by Adam Curtis. They are absolutely incredible and will change the way you view modern society forever! They can be downloaded from: http://www.archive.org/ . Go check it out!

Oh, and if my headache clears up, I'll post another instalment of the "Moving to Belize guide" later.

Groetjes trouwens aan iedereen die hier via: http://www.antiroos.com/ is gekomen. Prettig Sinterklaas alvast. Ik vind het jammer dat ik mijn zoontje Lucas niet naar Nederland kan brengen voor Sinterklaas (Ik ben te zwanger om nog zo'n eind te vliegen, vind ik zelf). Helemaal jammer dat hij dit jaar weer de kans niet krijgt om sneeuw te zien. Nouja, volgende keer dan maar. Adios!