Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Latest from the Belize Jungle Dome

Andy’s Escribbler blog has gone through the roof! Not only did he get 585 visitors yesterday, but he also was contacted by Sky Sports (they want to film some stuff about his life here in Belize) and appeared in a Guardian Newspaper article about retired footballers with the strangest current careers (never knew we were that strange)

In the meantime, Richie has been working hard on our new website for the Belize Jungle Dome. It’s still going to be a little while, but I think it looks great already.

And just as we were starting to relax last night, Lucas surprised us all by sticking his head down the toilet. John, Richie, Bart and Mooch nearly pissed themselves laughing, making it rather hard for me to tell him off with a straight face (this happens a lot these days, as Lucas keeps doing things that are just so bloody funny)

I also managed to get hold of Till Lasmann (the illustrator) over the last week or so & he has agreed to make drawings to one of my children’s picture book stories, probably to “City Head”, which I’ve re-written completely in the last few days.

And finally, my mum is coming to Belize for a week in early December! I’m so looking forward to it. Andy & I may even get married when my mum is here, as we have been planning to do it one of these days anyway. I just hope that all our other family/friends won’t be too upset about not being here.