Friday, November 25, 2005

One month to Christmas!

It’s getting “cold” in Belize (17 degrees Celsius this morning) and we’re all loving it. Shuffling past each other in wooly jumpers and slippers, checking whose hands are the coldest. Funny how perception of temperature changes when you live in the tropics.

Our crazy little Lucas, by the way, is ever the jungle boy. He refuses to wear anything on his feet “I don’t wear shoes!” even when we go to the supermarket & even when our tiled floors are as cold as they are today. I look at his bare feet and get cold for him. Still, he’s a little radiator. It simply doesn’t bother him.

Talking of Lucas, I think he’s gone through a “testosterone release” recently. He suddenly started walking with a male swagger and wouldn’t play with girls anymore, virtually overnight. The girls dislike him too these days. He just rides his tricycle in to them, pushes them around, throws sand in their eyes (wondering why they are upset with him), etc. The boys that he plays with have the same sense of humor as him and find all that stuff rather funny. Of course, the girls hate it. I have tried to explain it to him, but Lucas just doesn’t seem to “get girls” anymore. And, like most men, he probably won’t “get them” anymore for the rest of his life. Yep, that door has shut, I’m afraid.