Sunday, November 13, 2005

Belmopan, here we come!

Our house is like an ants nest these days, with people everywhere. We are currently sharing our home with 3 other people (Karen, Bart & Mooch), making the total: 5 adults & 1 child. Our open-plan kitchen is being used for chef training and our “office” (a sectioned off part of our front room, which includes our dining table as a work desk) is being shared by the four of us, with Richie working on our new website.

On top of this, all our rental units are full. So there are those people to deal with as well. And the children of our guests, plus the local children spend a fair amount of time inside our house to play with Lucas’ toys. What I’m trying to say is that this place is pretty chaotic at the moment, fun, but chaotic.

So today we have signed a rental contract for a house in Belmopan, which is our nearest “town” & the smallest capital of the world, with less than 10,000 inhabitants. We will rent that house for the coming 6 months, starting from the first of December, whilst slowly converting part of the Jungle Dome into more rental rooms (beginning with our old bedroom and kitchen).

Our new business partners, Tom & Marge, should be arriving in Belize in early 2006. They will move into the Jungle Dome for a while and share the space with Karen. We will simply come to work every day and whenever we want to “get away from it all” retreat to our house in Belmopan. I am so looking forward to it!

It will be interesting though, as Andy, Lucas and I have always shared our home with other people. But I think that we’re ready to “just be a family” now. Especially with baby number 2 coming soon.

Anyway, until that time, I’ll enjoy the craziness that is part of Jungle Dome living & make good use of the large amount of unofficial “baby-sitters” here.