Sunday, October 30, 2005

Horse riding in Belize

Just seen some guests off on a jungle horse riding trip. I would have loved to have joined them, but it just wouldn't have been safe with my big pregnant belly. It's crazy to think that during my last pregnancy I was still caring for our own horses (we had 3 at that time). My God, that was hard work. Especially as one of our mares kept trying to attack me. She had had a miscarriage & for a while had lost all will to live. She slowly recovered, but as soon as I got pregnant she turned on me. Horses are pretty incredible like that, the are very intuitive (I'm sure that anyone who has ever kept horses will agree with me on this)

Anyway, towards the end of my pregnancy with Lucas she kept trying to kick me in the stomach. That was when we decided to give our horses to the equestrian center next door. It would have been too much work to look after them once Lucas was born anyhow.

They still live hapily with our next door neighbors and wander over to the edge of our swimming pool every now and then to say "hi". And our jealous mare did end up having a foal after all. Although it was eventually stolen from the ranch before they had a chance to wean it. Poor girl, she has not been very lucky when it comes to her offspring.

Andy has just put a new all-inclusive horseback riding package together. Belize is a brilliant place to discover on horseback. You can ride through the jungle, the open farm land, to waterfalls, Mayan temples and ancient caves. All beautiful locations.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can go riding again. By that time, Lucas should be old enough to go on his own horse too. He will be our little cowboy. Yeeha!