Thursday, October 06, 2005

Current TV

The last week or so, we’ve been getting into watching a news channel called Current TV. It’s a station run by Al Gore of all people! With heavy links to Google (they run a show every half an hour, called Google Current). Current has got the same philosophy as the Internet. Basically, anybody can contribute to this station. People send in clips from all around the world.

It is by far the most exiting thing I have seen on television for ages. It reminds me of the early MTV Europe years. Back in the days when the station was still groundbreaking, young, political and had a slight feel of anarchy to it. Back then I loved working for MTV and was proud of working for them. Later, when it all became corporate, I lost much of my love for the station & was often even embarrassed of my work as a Veejay (guess I’m just not much of a corporate person).

Current TV is the kind of station that I would love to work for! They are so groundbreaking and funky. I love it.

The clips I’ve seen on Current so far range from Tokyo nightlife, Bodybuilding in Kabul, women running for parliament in Afghanistan, Graffiti artists turning into fashion designers, displaced students after hurricane Katrina, anti-war demonstrations, etc.

Whenever I watch these clips, I feel like I learn something genuine about a specific culture, country, ideology, etc. These clips do not always fit the stereotypes that we are fed by mainstream media.

Now, don’t get me wrong, not all these clips are fantastic. A lot are quite average. But they are real life & some times real life is just that, average. At least they are showing the truth.

So, big up to everyone at Current TV for being at the forefront of television! This is democracy at its best. You guys are rocking!!!!!